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Frequently Asked Questions


1. "How can you write quickly and still produce top quality papers?"
It’s very simple. Our writers only work on subjects in which they have earned their Masters or PhD. Therefore, you get the best qualified person writing your model term paper.

2. "What kind of experience do your writers have?"
Each writer has written from hundreds to thousands of papers in his/her field. Our writers know exactly what a term paper needs to make it exceptional. We encourage you to let us know how many sources you would like us to use in researching your paper.

3. "What happens if I get the paper back and it’s not what I wanted?"
If we did not meet your specifications then we will take it back and revise it for you. This process requires about a day, so please let us know within 24 hours of receiving the paper. This will allow you to receive your model term paper with very little delay if any. We want you to come back.

4. "Can I return my paper and receive a refund?"
Unfortunately no. It is conceivable that students may order term papers, copy them, and later return them for a refund. We can revise the paper for you to make any corrections. However, we are not responsible if, for example, a student decides to drop a course and no longer needs the model term paper. We write with the idea that you will need the term paper, and we write with excellent quality in mind.

5. "Can I take your paper and submit it as my own?"
It would be morally wrong on your part. By ordering our service we will help enlighten you on the topic by writing a model term paper to suit your exact specifications.




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